About The Local Tourism Network

Local Tourism Network helps you market tourism business on the internet. We make internet marketing simple by connecting targeted customers direct to your business.

The Local Tourism Network websites welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each year all researching their holidays in Tropical North Queensland.

The Local Tourism Network

When you sign your business up to Local Tourism Network you can update all your information, post specials, news videos, images and more using the latest technology.

Your business listings are also given exposure in all the right places on the websites to make sure viewers are presented with the right options for their holiday.

How do most holiday makes first find out about accommodation

Local Tourism Network websites capture targeted customers and send them straight to you via your website, phone, and enquiry forms. We know people prefer to deal direct with local tourism operators so we want to make it as easy as possible for them to do that.

In 2013 most people researching their holidays in Australia used the web as their main research tool.

The reality, they use the web

In fact 8 out of 10 holiday makers research their holiday on the web. These people also prefer to book direct. Are they finding your business?

Expose your tourism business to the web

Local Tourism Network now operates 34 popular tourism websites in Australia.

Local Tourism Network was created for you, local tourism operators who are looking to increase their exposure and sales driven by the web.

These websites were built for you

Search engines have come a long way but they still lack a human touch. Even though your accommodation, tour or tourism related service may be the perfect option for 1000’s of people who are researching their holidays chances are they won't be able to find you if you rely on search engines alone.

Thats where Local Tourism Network can help.

For example, If someone types in the word "Cairns" by itself in google (this is the most searched for term for North Queensland tourism by the way) would they find an individual tourism operator on the first page? Possibly a large company like Skyrail.

They would actually find the Local Tourism Network Cairns website at the top.

Once there they can easily find what they are looking for because the information has been presented and organised by a real person. A local person who understands your region.

To get your tourism business seen on the web and get people to your website the first priority should be to get yourself listed on the Local Tourism Network sites.

We bring the customers:

Who can sell your product better than anyone?

Your team can. Direct sales bring many benefits. A higher conversion rate, no commission & no waiting for payment.

How the Local Tourism Network offer works

Direct Sales:

These days most Tourism Operators are well equipped to convert visitors into customers using their own websites.

Local Tourism Network drives the customer direct to you. They might call you, email you, click the direct booking or visit website button or use the enquiry form included in your listing which goes direct to your email. 100% direct business.

We bring the customers, you make the sale

Targeted Customers:

The great thing about the web is that if someone visits your site you can be assured, 99% of the time, that they are interested in your product.

They found you on a search engine, read your title and description and then clicked the link to enter the site. The web gives us highly targeted customers.

People who visit the Local Tourism Network websites are actively seeking information on what to do and where to stay in your region.

Targeted customers

Every Region:

Local Tourism Network websites use extremely advance software all developed here in Cairns. At the same time the Local Tourism Network system is very personal. We manually organise everything. We include all regions and welcome suggestions for new categories and locations.

Say you have a tour that departs Cairns, does a pickup run at the Northern beaches, Port Douglas and then visits Cape Tribulation. Your listing with Local Tourism Network will be applied to all the relevant websites, locations and categories within those sites.

We cover every region in North Queensland


With Local Tourism Network, it's personal. Our customer care manager will sit down with you and go though where your listing should be positioned to attract most customers. We want to keep you happy and the people visiting the websites happy and well informed by providing info on your product where it should be.

Personalised Service

It's Easy:

Getting started with Local Tourism network is easy. In fact we initially set your listing up for you so you don't need to worry about logging in and learning a new web tool from scratch.

We are also available for telephone support and to give you some one on one training at our office.

It's in our interest to present your product in the best possible light so we can drive more customers your way and provide a valuable research tool for holiday makers.

Local Tourism Network make tourism advertising easy

Branding Options:

Apart from the listings we also have some amazing branding options available for high volume operators. Having your billboard in front of the majority of visitors to North Queensland in 2010 & 2011 is going to make a huge impact on your business.

Branding Options


Local Tourism Network has many existing happy customers. Here’s what one had to say about our service.

Local Tourism Network has now become one of our largest channels on accommodation inquiries and their conversion rates are second to none.

Local Tourism Network is now delivering customers to over 300 tourism businesses in North Queensland. Sign up today and see how easy it is to capture more web driven business.

Happy Customers

So, How do you sign up and what does it cost? At the moment it is a flat fee of $660 per year or $55 per month. To get started just click the "Sign Up" tab or call us on 1300 554 663.

Growing Your Business

The Local Tourism Network office is located in Cairns, Australia.